Wednesday, October 14, 2009

orange you glad it's fall

Fall is handsdown my favorite time of year.

I love...

piles of leaves to lay in

apple cider cinnamon doughnuts

photo from sugarbomber

picking out the perfect pumpkin from the farm
when wearing golashes

dressing up for halloween

the color orange for all these wonderful reasons

hand felted purse from etsy seller naughtyagapanthus


cute candy corn shoes from etsy seller ladybug3812


orange pumpkin pie soap from etsy seller soapapilla

 cutie monster pencil case from etsy seller wiggletiggy

licking my lips

check out these scrumptious looking gems at whimsyandspice!  i'm SO tempted to pay almost $15 to have six of those little buggers shipped to my doorstep...hmmmm?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jeremy Is King!

Last night when I was making centerpieces for today's wedding, I got an email from Jeremy letting me know he posted our wedding photos on his blog.  I took a quick peek at them on my phone and couldn't wait to get home to see them on the big screen.  It was 3:00am by the time i got home to look at them and yes, i woke my mother up to come and look at them.  sorry!  i was excited!!

here are a few that he posted.
if i had to pick my favorite shot i don't know if i could...they're all so AMAZING!

 i'm so glad i scouted out the abandoned lot on our way to the reception.  what a great pair of trees!

LOVE the vintage look

 it was SO worth it to climb back into the woods for this shot...LOVE LOVE LOVE!

 our bridal party surprised us with a pirate attack...arrrgh!

i think the pirates scared our cute little nieces :(

 my vintage letterpress letters


my smiley husband...i heart him

our first dance

good luck from buddah

a killer dance party thrown by dustin from toast and jam



no...were NOT jewish

check out his blog post for all the rest and see for yourself why he is king!  i can't wait to see the other 8,000 photos!!

jeremy, you ROCK!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thrifty Finds: Bench Project

Last Fall I bought this ugly but lovely bench from an estate sale for $15

9 months and $20 (spray paint and new fabric) later, i have this pretty little bench to put outside my front door.  Above it i hung some of our engagement photos in a vintage frame with vintage letters spelling out our last name.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

International Pillow Fight Day

Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day.
Too bad I was at home doing my taxes :(

for more info & photos: Ground Report

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pretty In Pink

I'm not a cotton candy pink girly girl by any means. I do however enjoy a nice passion pink now and then but you'll NEVER find me wearing anything that resembles the hue of sugar on a stick.

That is until today! Did I say never? Oooopps...

My friend Loren from Soulfumeink was selected to have one of his designs printed on teefury a few weeks ago. When he originally designed To My Mistress The Bridge it was intended to be printed on a purple tee but due to limited color choices, it ended up on pink.

I do have to admit the pink is pretty sweet.

sweet like candy.

To My Mistress The Bridge

You can check out his debut and interview here.
And by the way, he sold 129 shirts in 1 day! Way to go Loren!

the art dept sporting To My Mistress The Bridge

Check back at teefury on Wednesday 3.25.09 when his second design Passion Can't Apply When We're So Drained & Pale is up for sale! Each shirt is a limited-edition for $9 and is only up for sale for 24 hours "tee today. gone tomorrow.". You can't afford not to buy one! Well, even if you can't, you should. Go out and support Soulfume and get an awesome tee in return!

Wed. March 25th!
Passion Can't Apply When We're So Drained & Pale

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Engagement Photos

Back in the fall we spent the day with my college roommate Angie taking some sweeeeeet engagement pics. Here are just a few of the sweets.








My favorite part was going back to our old neighborhood where burgerboy and i first met in the front yard of our apartments. Too bad the apartment i used to live in no longer exists (our dumpy place was torn down and replaced by an obnoxious beast of a building). But at least his apartment was still standing so we could take this sweet favorite!


See more on my flickr page. Thanks again Angie!